Customer service is the backbone of any company's bottom line and is a major focus here at Mountain Valley Integrated Solutions. Making the sale shouldn't be the end; rather, it's just the beginning of a long and rewarding relationship you'll have with your customer.

Customer Service Calls Help You Keep Good Customers

You've probably also heard the marketing adage that it's always more cost effective to retain an existing customer than to find a new one. We make the most of these opportunities to improve your bottom line.

Our outbound call center work includes Smart Recovery, where we manage billing information and shipping preferences for repeat customers. Expired credit card numbers are a huge reason for termination of product club memberships. We contact that customer, make sure they're still satisfied with your product, and update their current information. These efforts can also solicit testimonials for future marketing.

And what about customers who didn't buy? They're still a viable lead. Our Opinion Leader Programs solicit valuable product and marketing feedback, and offer a discount for their participation in our survey -- giving us one more opportunity to make the sale.

We're An Ideal Candidate for Political Polls

Our expertise in customer service programs also makes us an ideal partner for political campaigns. Whether it's get-out-the-vote calls or opinion polls, our foundation in asking the right questions, the right way - without any trace of bias - makes us a great member of your election team.