A good call center doesn’t just take and fill orders; they sell your product with conviction. To find an effective call center, you need a group that knows how to sell, knows your product, inside and out and believes in it.

Direct Marketing Sales Experience

Our success comes from being assumptive. We don't ask permission for the sale; we prompt the customer to take the next step. The result is a much higher average ticket and a close rate that is 10 to 20 points higher than the industry average.

Our solid understanding of the psychology of sales has made us one of the leading direct market call centers in the industry. Our agents can build the value of your product, when a great price alone just isn't enough to sell it in your customer's mind.

Our many years of direct sales experience have taught us that uncovering the customer's emotions is essential. Whether the product is a new diet supplement, the latest electronic gadget, or a political candidate, it's designed to solve a problem, and problems are emotional. So we train our agents to have empathy and sincerity in their heart and in their voice. That, combined with a solid understanding of how and why the product works, helps us make the sale better than anyone else.

Strong Product Knowledge

Before we agree to sell anything, we do our due diligence. We look at research, formulations, clinical trials and mechanical specs, to understand the science behind your product. We need to know how it works and why it works. By taking the time to establish 100% confidence in you, we're better able to convey that confidence to your customers - so they feel great about their purchase.

Effective Scriptwriting

The first 45 seconds of the call are crucial to making the sale. While we don't believe in fully scripting the entire call - we train our call center agents to respond to the customer - the right script is essential to setting the right tone.

There's a science to scriptwriting for direct marketing. Of course, we base our call center scripts on your ad copy, so your sales messages are always consistent. In order for the agent to connect with the customer on the other end of the phone, we need to know more; we need to know their story. We know the questions to ask, so we can make that connection and make the sale.


MVIS is able to remain very nimble and flexible due to its structure and size. We are able to integrate with or work directly from many different order management and CRM systems in both our sales and customer service departments. We have programmers on-staff who give us the ability to create export files to specifications for any media company or fulfillment company out there. Most of these exports already exist in our system and only need minor modifications for your campaign. MVIS is the definition of flexible when it comes to supporting your campaigns!