Results talk. We deliver.

We were the first call center to put live data on the web, and online reporting remains a huge part of our service. Other call centers often e-mail reports to their clients an hour, or more, after their ad or infomercial airs. By the time they get that feedback, it's too late and valuable media dollars may have been wasted.

You paid a lot of money for that ad; we help you make the most of it. Your raw call data starts to stream online - live -- within 20 seconds of air time. The data is never processed or altered. We're not afraid to show you the true measures of our performance. You can also listen to our agents' call recordings. We're a completely open book.

Fine Tuning our Call Center Performance

When we begin working with a client, we set Target Performance Indicators to serve as benchmarks. Your goals are our goals.

We continually monitor our performance and respond accordingly. Each of our call center agents has 2 to 3 monitors per week to help them hit your targets. We're constantly in training mode, always fine-tuning our efforts to boost your results.

What if you see or hear something you'd like to change? We make it easy by putting you in direct contact with our call center team, so you can connect and make changes quickly.

Finally, our skill-based call routing sends more of your calls to the agents who have been most successful selling your products.

We Get Paid When You Do

Why are we so responsive? Because our compensation depends on it. Unlike many other call centers, we're not paid per minute, but based on how well we sell your product. It's a model that encourages true partnership.

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